Bollywood Masala Clips

Bollywood in the past decade has witnessed filmmakers trying to shift from masala movies to holding a mirror to society and.

Not just in India, the quintessential ‘masala’ Telugu movie has also held its place in the top.

seems to be fixed on the.

At the 19 Annual New York Indian Film Festival.

But we do have examples of such movies in the olden days – most of which.

The comic caper marks Priyadarshan’s Bollywood comeback after seven years and while we.

Dhol, Chup Chup Ke, Garam Masala.

An Indian summer without the IPL – Masala cricket that I could watch and fall asleep without crying into my pillow. The IPL was a heady cocktail of cricket and.

It’s as much an Indian word as masala or chai, two other terms whose meanings have morphed. So why can’t curry be our word as.

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Comedian Varun Grover recently posted a series of videos on social distancing on social media.

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All is fair in masala and war. Syria has enough problems; the last thing it needs is Baaghi shooting on (East European.