With the rise of “Netflix and chill” came the fall of “date night at the cinema” – and even before that came the fall of the.

Gov. Doug Ducey says it’s now OK. But don’t pack the kids in the car just yet or fill your purse with candy from the dollar.

This Oscar-winning art house blockbuster is the most visually seductive, yet physically punishing action movie of all-time.

Pervert phone pest who made 100 calls in one day to emergency services during pandemic jailed – Anthony Marsh, 56, made a making a blizzard of calls to female control room staff for his own warped gratification.

In a way, there’s no better business in the age of coronavirus social distancing than a drive-in. Sauerbeck Family Drive-in in Oldham County reopens.

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From cop shows to movies that are totally free, here’s what to watch while social distancing this week Television is your.