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Similarly, her “owner” abuses the “lower caste” woman and demands sex in exchange for movie tickets.

It has taken no less than 100 years for the Telugu film industry to create a movie with Dalit.

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(Due to inadvertent error the profile, name and picture of the personality had previously been referred to and mentioned as ‘Shraavya Reddy’. The name and picture have been corrected and is to be read.

She has also explained that she has come out with the reveal now so as to warn other young girls from not getting cheated by.

Shraavya Reddy, now a BIGO LIVE is a big name in Tollywood, and her fan base is only growing on social media. Reddy, a transgender, is a famous actress who rose to fame with her Tollywood debut as a.

Dress Circle | 10 must watch, underrated Malayalam comedy movies of last decade – Trying to make the best of the short window that they have, they invite a sex worker to spice up their get together.

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The film has wild, unexpected twists certainly never witnessed before in Telugu cinema, and is full of popular culture.

Telugu star Allu Arjun has contributed Rs 1.25 crore for the battle against coronavirus outbreak in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. The actor made the announcement through a video message he.